Nullius in Verba
Dr Mike Sutton (criminologist)

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Read the original 600 page e-book new discovery that Darwin's friends and influencers read and cited Patrick Matthew's prior-published hypothesis decades before Darwin published the Origin of Species {Here}.

Using hi-tech 'big data' research methods I found the hidden books in the library that prove beyond all reasonable doubt that both Darwin and Wallace committed the greatest known science fraud in history by plagiarising the entire hypotheses of natural selection from Matthew.


Find out how hi-tech, big data, research methods changed everything we thought we knew about the discovery of the theory of natural selection. Cilck here to discover more.


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Explanations by Analogy have the Power to Change the World.

Read Mike Sutton's 2015 position paper on why the New Data means Darwinist beliefs in their namesake's and Wallace's so called "independent discoveries" of Matthew's prior published theory - whilst surrounded by friends and associates who read it - is as improbable as The Virgin Mary supernaturally conceiving a child whilst surrounded by fertile men. Here

Nullius in Verba Charles Darwin:

In my Sunday lecture at the historic Conway Hall in London, I presented the newly discovered evidence that proves that, pre-1858, Patrick Matthew’s (1831) book - outlinng the full theory of natural selection - was read by at least seven naturalists. Most tellingly, three of the seven were at the epicentre of influence on Darwin’s and Wallace’s researches and two of those three were personal associates and correspondents of Darwin and Wallace. I showed that Matthew, not Darwin, should be celebrated as solver of the problem of species. Read the paper here.

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